Moving away from tumblr: a new blog

No tracking. No frills.

, in 31 March 2015

We have decided to move away from Tumblr, slowly but surely. The old blog would still be accessible at while the new blog will start replacing it by featuring different content.

The reason behind this is that we thought tumblr could never been the Privacy friendly platform that we wanted for our content. Jekyll supported by gh-pages is. We will still continue to feature content that we find interesting on tumblr, but we will move our technical material to here. We think it will also be easier this way to showcase our projects in a more organic way. Whatever that means. :)

If you want to keep track of how websites track you while you are surfing the web, we would suggest you to download the PrivacyBadger extension:

If you have it already installed, you will see we are now completely track free.

Till next time, then!